PublicTrustDC & #SmithGoldenRule: Supporting Ward 8 Families with Free Healthy Meals

    PublicTrustDC & #SmithGoldenRule: Supporting Ward 8 Families with Free Healthy Meals

    In today’s difficult times, it becomes more important than ever for communities to band together and support one another. Recognizing the growing need for better food access and nutrition in Washington D.C.’s Ward 8 community, PublicTrustDC has joined hands with #SmithGoldenRule to bring free, healthy meals to families in need.

    PublicTrustDC, a D.C. based nonprofit aimed at empowering local communities in the nation’s capital, and #SmithGoldenRule, a movement started by actor and comedian Will Smith to make a difference in the world by practicing “The Golden Rule,” have partnered to serve residents of Ward 8, one of the city’s most underserved areas.

    Ward 8, which has long struggled with food insecurity, limited access to fresh produce and lower incomes than other areas of the city, has recently been hit harder due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The rising unemployment rates have put additional stress on families trying their best to make ends meet.

    The partnership between PublicTrustDC and #SmithGoldenRule intends to alleviate some of that stress by providing free nutritious meals for families living in Ward 8. The initiative not only focuses on serving meals but also aims at creating awareness about the importance of proper nutrition and a balanced diet.

    With support from local businesses, restaurants, and volunteers, this program proves that communities can accomplish amazing things when they come together. Every week since July 2020, PublicTrustDC and its dedicated team of volunteers have been distributing complimentary meals at various locations throughout Ward 8 neighborhoods.

    The meals provided are not just any ordinary fast food or takeouts but carefully curated wholesome plates packed with essential nutrients. Menus vary each week but typically include items such as grilled chicken or fish served with nutritious vegetables, salads or whole grains, as well as fruit options for dessert.

    Residents of Ward 8 have expressed their gratitude for the free meal distribution program, often sharing personal stories about the positive impact it has had on their families. Besides providing meals, the program has also fostered a sense of unity and hope within the community.

    In times when many people are struggling to put food on their tables, PublicTrustDC and #SmithGoldenRule’s collaboration presents a shining example of how a single act of kindness can make a significant difference in residents’ lives. This grassroots effort to tackle food insecurity not only addresses the immediate concern of hunger but also engages the community in fostering a culture of empathy and support.

    It is with great joy that we witness our fellow citizens stepping up to help one another during these challenging times. The partnership between PublicTrustDC and #SmithGoldenRule showcases the power of communities working together to combat food insecurity and create lasting impact through nutrition education.

    So let us remember The Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – and continue our attempts to support those in need, whether it be through volunteering efforts, donating resources or simply practicing acts of kindness every day.